Common Questions

Q: What is the difference between Financial Accounting Software Standard and Enterprise editions?
Ans: Financial accounting software (Standard Edition) is simple and easy to manage business accounting transaction records of various companies where as Financial Accounting Software (Enterprise Edition) is advance business tool that manages all accounting records in easiest way with the advance barcode functionality

Q: Does the software create accounting reports?
Ans: Yes, accounting software create business accounting report including Financial report, Account report, Stock report, Purchase report and Production report for total calculation of business accounting records.

Q: How can I secure my Business records?
Ans: You can secure business records by password facility that prevents unauthorized users to modify and access the accounting records.

Q: Is your Accounting software provides tax management facility?
Ans: Yes, DRPU Financial accounting software provides tax management facility to manage tax information which is applied during sale and purchase of any item.

Q: Does the Accounting software support printed accounting report and bills?
Ans: Yes, the Accounting software is available with print option that facilitates to take print of generated report and bills for further uses.

Q:Does accounting software provide data connectivity?
Ans: Yes, our software provides data connectivity feature that is helpful to fetch data from other network connected parallel computer machine and from any other drive.

Q: What is the difference between demo version and full version of Financial Accounting Software?
Ans: Demo version is free trial for 30 days, user can download free demo version and easily understand features and functionality without acquiring any technical training where as you can purchase full version of Financial Accounting Software that is helpful to manage your accounting details.

Q: How can I purchase Financial Accounting Software?
Ans: You can purchase online Financial Accounting Software from website.

Q: Is there a trial version of Financial Accounting Software available?
Ans: Yes, DRPU offer trial version of Financial Accounting Software and it is valid only for 30 days, if you are satisfied then you can purchase full version of Financial Accounting Software.

Q: What is the minimum system requirement required to run Financial Accounting Software?
Ans: System requirements of Financial Accounting Software are:
Processor: Pentium class or equivalent processor
Memory Space: 256 MB RAM and 25 Mb free space for installation
Framework: .Net framework installer
Operating system: Windows VISTA, Windows XP and other popular versions

Q: Does your Accounting software handle large database records?
Ans: Yes, our accounting software is fully capable to handle large database records. Financial Accounting Software easily manages large database information including Customer, Vendor, Item, Store and other information in most accurate and easiest way.

Q: What benefits does Purchase Order Tracking Software give me?
Ans: Purchase Order Tracking Software helps to manage entire Sales/Purchase transaction details in any business organization in organized and simplified way.

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